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Seko Serwis

Implementation: Seko Serwis

Every entrepreneur knows how important is the visual ascpect of the company. firm specializes in creating websites. Submiting an order is very simple - you should only click on a tab named "contact" and fill in the form. Products and services don't need advertisement. No one will introduce your company image as good as There is so many completed projects, one of them is creating design and programming page template . Project was accoplished in rapid pace and effects are magnificent. Combining the colours black and yellow in a logo sekoserwis reflect the professional character. Logo is placed in the left up corner our website. Traditional tab system makes an impression of stability and proper orientation of every user, even this one who is accustomed to old solutions. General design of the template is very up-to-date: when you hover the coursor over some topics, you can see the most important informations about company on the static background of this website.

When you go to the website you can also see the company motto, the main priorities and philisophy. There is a gallery, general informations about our firm and references. To get to know more about our company, you should only click one of the mobile presentations or on a static tab at the top of the page. Website devoted to sekoserwis comapny is a combination of moblie technology of intuitive communication with system and traditional stability for easy acces to finding content which client wants.

Scope of implementation:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • RWD
  • Implementation
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