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Business Intelligence

In each company there are a lot of data generated every single day, and it can get harder and harder to analyse them. At that point the invaluable support of the recent analysis of the company's situation is the Business Intelligence solution. The Business Intelligence tool lets you make revolutionary decisions based on precise analyses and forecasts available in standard. Employees have access to various readymade reports and analyses in the Comarch ERP Altum system regarding diverse fields of activity of the company, such as Trade and Stock – creating reports connected with sales or service transactions including discounts and special offers, states and stock movements, order transactions, offers and purchases, CRM – receiving precise analysis regarding e.g. customer satisfaction, quality assessment of the offered products, or efficiency of certain sellers. Payments – analysis of settled payments, as well as outstanding receivables and payables of the company, Accounting – complete analysis of turnover and balance on the accounts, creating accounting statements defined by the user. Operating results – information about income and costs for both the whole company and its subsidiaries.


Convenient work with data

  • Reports are presented in many arrangements and intersections (tables, graphs, maps), they include all the ongoing processes in the company
  • Employees may easily create a new report on their own with a mouse (“drag and drop”)
  • Notifications and e-mail alerts about any unplanned derivations are sent automatically
  • Fast access to analyses via internet browser, email or mobile devices – convenient solution for people working outside the office
Convenient work with data

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