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The e-Comemerece market has been developing very dynamically so far and at least two-digit increase has been observed for the past few years. Beeing on the Internet is a must for companies which want to expand. Moving to or extending your company's activity with the e-commerce market will take your business to the next level and will open new possibilities for both, acquiring new clients and strengthening current business relations.


Advantages of our system:


Modern UX design:

  • Intuitive interface adapted to any kind of device
  • Reduction of performance due to complete integration with the ERP system
  • Turbo browser
  • Products available from any position within the shop
  • Possibility of managing multiply shops from one panel

Advanced shopping mechanisms:

  • Extend the range of your activities due to foreign sales
  • Present your offer in various comparison shopping websites
  • Appeal to new clients thanks to interesting articles on your blog
  • Mechanism of informing about availability of a particular product
  • Registering via Google or Fb
  • Clear information about the number and details of the dispatch

Increase profits, decrease Cart Abandonment Rate:

  • Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Intuitive navigation in the cart
  • Reach more clients due to the available sales channels of Allegro and Ebay
  • Fast payment thanks to online transfers
  • Preview of stock in real time
  • Individual discounts for clients, and more
  • Integration with couriers, Polish Post Office and parcel lockers

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