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ERP systems

Comarch ERP Altum is our best solution which is implemented by our clients when there is necessity of introducing individual approach to managing a company. Altum is a multilanguage system of managing a company adjusted to the specification of international companies. Its most important advantage are the mechanisms allowing automation of routine activities (BPM), as well as tools which let you make decisions based on analyses and forecasts (Business Intelligence). When using WMS Stocker, managing the logistics of your warehouse will be easy and completely automated.


The Comarch ERP Altum System is perfect for:

  • Large foreign companies and partnerships
  • Retail networks, franchise networks
  • Large trade and service companies with one division or with dispersed structure
  • Companies with large warehouses and high storage warehouses
  • Holding organisations/ companies managing multiple other companies

Benefits and funcions:

  • ERP Altum System integrates with a dedicated Comarch Retail platform: it allows to realise the process of selling goods and services to clients through various distribution channels
  • Comarch ERP Altum was designed in order to serve comprehensively and improve all the trading-warehouse processes in the company, regardless of the specification of its activity
  • Ability of manging many companies in one information system – this is the main characteristic of the Comarch ERP Altum platform
  • ERP system adjusted to the specification of foreign markets allows efficient integration and openness to other solutions. Find out more

Benefits and funcions:

  • Complete integration with B2C and B2B platforms supporting the e-commerce channel
  • Control of current relationships with your counterparties is possible with the CRM module
  • Complete human resources and payroll service for every company: automated generating payroll documents as well as tax and insurance declarations
  • Complete accounting service of every company: full accounting, revenue and expense ledger and registered flat rate

The BMP processes

BMP makes complete or partial automation of processes in the company possible.Thanks to BPM we can automate either routine processes characteristic for each company, or atypical tasks characteristic for each company, e.g. implementing automatic promotion for particular products based on decrease in sales below the previously set limit.



In Comarch WMS Management there is the management center of the warehouse and its processes. The web application directed to the dispatchers and warehouse managers makes it possible to:


  • Build flexible warehouse structure
  • Manage location and relocation of resources in the warehouse
  • Monitor realisation of the dispatch made by the operators in the Comarch WMS Stocker application
  • Administrate the authorisation of the stockers and adjusting the parametres of processes
  • Control the minimal and maximal levels of goods
  • Verify the workload and rank of stockers
  • Configure ordering shipment
  • Analyse warehouse data using reports

For small companies the best solution we implement is Comarch ERP Optima. This system will make management easier and your company will emerge victorious from every situation. Our Comarch ERP Optima system is divided into modules, therefore if you decide to buy a system for managing a company you are not obliged to buy its complete version, only the particular part you specialize in. You can decide which modules you will use. The list of modules available in the ERP Optima is following: register/bank, invoices, retail, trade, internet shop, tax ledger, accounts, fixed assets, payroll and HR, Comarch HRM, crm, business intelligence analyses, document workflow, Comarch DMS, Comarch e-reports.

The Comarch ERP Optima system is perfect for:

  • Smal and medium companies from any branch
  • Accounting firms and tax advisers providing them with accounting software
  • Retail
  • Small and medium trade and service companies
  •  Companies with warehouses

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